Experiential Learning: From Independent to Integrated

BILD represents a shift from independent experiential learning courses to a new, integrated experiential learning curriculum.

Much of the debate within management education has been about whether to focus on systems thinking, integrative thinking, critical thinking, or design thinking. Using all four approaches gives a student different ways to frame. Each approach brings new and different solutions. This ability to frame—and, more crucially, to reframe—problems allows movement from one solution to another in a disciplined way.

  • Experiential Learning Options

    Armed with these tools, Berkeley MBA students all participate in at least one of many experiential learning options that expose them to real‐world business and organizational challenges. These options are designed to emphasize experience in the upstream activities of problem finding and framing.

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  • Haas Students

    In the experiential learning course, MBA students solve real-world problems for real clients.

    Students flew on Virgin America this spring as part of a Haas@Work project with the airline. Pictured here talking about the project before their flight are Pedro Kudrnac, MBA 10; Laura Englert, MBA 12, and Pablo Urbaneja, MBA 10.

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