Our Differentiators

Center for Teaching Excellence

The Power of Teaching

The Center for Teaching Excellence (CTE) is here to help you be an exceptional teacher. We provide services and teaching resources as well as host events to promote outstanding teaching and deepen the focus on teaching excellence at Berkeley-Haas. Our teaching resources section has searchable syllabi, a wide selection of cases, and other reference materials, such as videos to support faculty.

We work with ladder and professional faculty, across all disciplines, all stages of the teaching career, and all levels of performance.

Great teachers go beyond teaching economics, global finance, marketing or entrepreneurship. Great teachers foster knowledge in students as well as develop and hone students' capacity and ability to learn. Great teachers do not all have a single style — but they do have a singular goal: to reach students in ways that have deep and lasting influence on how they think and act throughout their lives and careers.

Haas and the Culture of Teaching

As a business school, we have only a few years to train our students to be leaders who redefine how the world does business. Therefore, we must teach students how to engage with learning as a lifelong process, ask the right questions, embrace change, and skillfully navigate ambiguity.

Through its strategic plan, Haas sets a new standard for teaching to ensure that we realize our intellectual future. CTE plays a vital role in leveraging the scholarly preeminence of Haas and UC Berkeley, helping faculty members deliver the highest quality learning in every class, every day, every session, for every instructor.

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