Center for Teaching Excellence, University of California, Berkeley, Haas School of Business

About Us

Adam Berman

“Good teaching is about fostering learning for students, not about delivering information.”
Adam Berman, Founder and Coach, Center for Teaching Excellence

“The Center for Teaching Excellence shows that teaching matters at Haas.”
—Clark Kellogg, Professional Faculty, Operations and Information Technology Management Group

Why Teach Teaching?

Great teachers go beyond teaching economics, global finance, marketing or entrepreneurship. Great teachers inculcate knowledge in students and develop and hone students' capacity and ability to learn. The Center for Teaching Excellence works with professional and ladder faculty to create an environment in which students are curious and engaged, are challenged to rethink assumptions, and develop critical thinking skills.

We offer leadership and expertise from our staff, as well as from successful veteran faculty across Haas, to identify and disseminate best practices, hard-won insights and practical teaching tips.

Haas and the Culture of Teaching

As a business school, we have only a few years to train our students to be leaders who redefine how the world does business—over the course of their long careers and through sea changes that we cannot yet imagine. So we must teach students how to engage with learning as a lifelong process, to ask the right questions, to embrace change and skillfully navigate ambiguity.

In its strategic plan, Haas sets a new standard for teaching to ensure that we realize our intellectual future. CTE plays a vital role in leveraging the scholarly preeminence of Haas and UC Berkeley, helping faculty members deliver the highest quality learning in every class, every day, every session, for every instructor.

By raising the bar on teaching, CTE helps ensure that all our students fully embody the school’s “Defining Principles”:

  1. Question the Status Quo
  2. Confidence without Attitude
  3. Students Always
  4. Beyond Yourself

John Frerichs

“The Center for Teaching Excellence proves Berkeley-Haas is committed to providing students with the best instruction possible. The amount and quality of resources available to professors for teaching improvement is already making a difference in the classroom.”
—John Frerichs, MBA 11, VP of Academics for MBAA, CTE Advisory Board

Our Promise

Our services are always:

Steve Chamberlin

“No matter how well you know your material, teaching keeps you right on the edge of your comfort zone – students are constantly challenging you. By supporting the Center for Teaching Excellence, we are committed to providing teachers with the resources they need to succeed at this difficult mission.”
—Steve Chamberlin, former lecturer

Steve and Susan Chamberlin’s (MBA 87) gift made the center possible.

Sara Beckman

Teaching Tips

“In gathering mid-course feedback from the class, I distribute Post-it notes, ask students to write ONE comment per note, and then create an affinity diagram with the notes. This ensures feedback from a broad range of students, gives some sense of where the majority of the class has issues, and is very quick. Students can provide comments on what they like as well as what they don’t like.”

—Sara Beckman, Professional Faculty, Operations and Information Technology Management Group