Welcome MBA17 and EWMBA18! Here are a few helpful links to get you started:





Cast and collaborate on one display using any device, any OS with Solstice wireless display application. Click here to set up your device and start casting.


Solstice Quick Start Guide.


Learn more about Solstice.




View available bCourses workshops and office drop-ins.




Need to run PC-version of Office apps like Excel on Mac via remote desktop connection or software like Fusion or Parallels?


View your options.


Go to the Mac section of our How Do I page for more tutorials.



Need other computing assistance?


Haas ECSM supports over 3,000 computing accounts on behalf of students, faculty and staff. Learn more.


A few quick links:



Tutorial Videos

ECSM is proud to provide tutorial and workshop videos for the applications you use the most such as MS Outlook and Excel. These videos include step-by-step illustrations with full captioning to maximize the efficiency of your busy work schedule.

You can find the videos in the How Do I and Training sections of the ECSM site. Videos are available everywhere you see the logo. Just click on the logo and your video will start. These videos require Real Media Player.

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Most Popular Topics:

1. How do I Get bConnected?
2. Download and Obtain a license for think-cell?
3. Obtain a License for Windows 7 Professional or Other Microsoft Sofware?
4. Download Campus-licensed software (CalNet login)?
5. Activate my Windows 7 License?
6. How do I add Haas Printers on Windows 8?
7. Map a Haas Network Drive?


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WiFi Connections:


ADVISORY: AirBears has been decommissioned since August 14, 2015. UCB & Haas students and faculty/staff are recommended to connect via AirBears2.


For guests and other users, please click on the link below for a list of available Wifi connections:


Available Connections Guide