Cost-Reduction Strategies

April 18, 2008
Haas School of Business
The Helzel Board Room
CalCPA Executive Education

Presented by CalCPA's Financial Leadership Forum and CFRM.

Financial Leadership Forum

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Innovation Revealed
In today’s competitive environment, innovation is accelerating and customers expect ever higher standards of performance. While these changes may benefit consumers by providing greater choice, lower prices and more convenience, they pose enormous challenges to many businesses.

To succeed, companies have been forced to rethink how they conduct business, adopting new paradigms and developing new tools that allow them to respond effectively to these pressures. The centralized, hierarchical organization with elaborate command and control mechanisms of accountability gradually has given way to leaner, more agile, valuedriven organizations. All companies have been impacted and those that have succeeded tend to share certain distinguishing attributes.

You’ll learn their secrets as you discover a new approach to cost reduction that highlights the limitations of traditional thinking. You’ll delve into key areas such as resource planning, activity management, product design and overall system design. You’ll also learn how suppliers and customers can be part of the overall strategy to reduce costs.


Name Cost-Reduction Strategies
Date April 18, 2008
Time 8:00 am - 5:00 pm Class Program
Location The Helzel Board Room at Haas School of Business
Fee $895 CalCPA Members, $1,295 Non-Members
Instructor Dennis Geyer
CPE Credit 8 hours

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