Corporate Sponsorship

The Center for Financial Reporting and Management values its relationships with the corporate community. The Center depends heavily on corporate and individual sponsorship for its annual operating funds. It seeks sponsors and affiliates from public accounting, industry, consulting, investment banking, and money management firms.

Corporate Sponsors contribute $10,000 annually for a renewable three-year term and are asked to appoint one member to the advisory board. Our executive sponsors contribute significantly annually on a renewable three-year term and are represented on the Center's Executive Committee. Affiliate organizations and individuals contribute $5,000.

Our Sponsors

CFRM greatly appreciates the support and commitment of the following companies that are sponsors of CFRM:

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What Are the Funds Used for?

All of the Center's resources come from private donations. The Center does not receive any public money. External financial support is vital to sustaining and strengthening the accounting program at Haas. Sponsorship of the Center supports efforts in:

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How to Become a Sponsor or Affiliate

For further information please contact:

Jennifer Wells, Assistant Director
Center for Financial Reporting and Management
Haas School of Business
424 Faculty Building, #1900
Berkeley, CA 94720-1900
Telephone: 510-642-6334
Fax: 510-643-7218

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