Accounting at Berkeley

Preparation for Opportunities in Accounting

Following are several useful tools to help you consider and prepare for a career in Accounting, including information on studying Accounting at Berkeley and the requirements for becoming a CPA. If you are unable to find what you need in the information below, please contact with general questions or contact Jose Plehn-Dujowich at for advising.

Haas Courses for 150 units for CPA Licensure
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Accounting at Haas
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What Does it Take to Become a CPA
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Meeting California CPA Requirements
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UC Berkeley Accounting Student FAQ
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Educational Requirements for CPA Licensure
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California Board of Accountancy Self-Assesment Worksheet
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CPA Requirements Checklist (Updated 10-29-14)
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CPA Info

CPA Exam Line No.
For more information about the CPA Exam, you may call the
Exam Line at:
(916) 561-1703 from 8 to 5 pm Monday through Friday.

Questions about non-Haas courses that qualify for licensure:

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