David J. Teece

Thomas W. Tusher Professor in Global Business

Ph.D. 1975 U Penn (economics) x MA 1973 U Penn × MComm 1971, BA 1970 U Canterbury

(510) 642-1075 × teece@haas × cv (pdf)

At Haas since 1982 × Previously at Penn and Stanford × Director, Center for Global Strategy and Governance

Research Interests

Corporate strategy and public policy. Technological innovation, knowledge management, and intellectual property. Regulatory and antitrust economics. Telecommunications, computers, and energy.

Recent Books

Dynamic Capabilities and Strategic Management: Organizing for Innovation and Growth.
Oxford University Press, 2009

The Transfer and Licensing of Know-How and Intellectual Property: Understanding the Multinational Enterprise in the Modern World.
World Scientific Publishing, 2008

Technological Know-How, Organizational Capabilities and Strategic Management.
World Scientific Publishing, 2008

Essays in Technology Management and Policy
World Scientific Publishing, River Edge, N.J. (2003).

Managing Intellectual Capital: Organizational, Strategic and Policy Dimensions
Oxford University Press, Oxford, England (2000).

Economic Performance and the Theory of the Firm: The Selected Papers of David Teec Vols. 1 and 2
Edward Elgar, London (1998).

Firms, Markets, and Hierarchies: The Transaction Cost Economics Perspective × with Glenn Carroll [eds.]
Oxford U Press, New York (1998).

Technology, Organization and Competitiveness: Perspectives on Industrial and Corporate Change × with Giovanni Dosi [eds.]
Oxford U Press, New York (1997).

Fundamental Issues in Strategy: A Research Agenda × with Richard Rumelt and Dan Schendel [eds.]
HBS Press, Boston (1994).

Antitrust, Innovation, and Competitiveness × with Thomas Jorde [eds.]
Oxford U Press, New York (1991).

Selected Articles

"Explicating Dynamic Capabilities: The Nature and Microfoundations of (Sustainable) Enterprise Performance" × Strategic Management Journal, 28:13 (December 2007), 1319-1350.

"The Meaning of Monopoly: Antitrust Analysis in High Technology Industries" with Mary Coleman × Antitrust Bulletin, Fall-Winter (1998).

"Capturing Value from Knowledge Assets: The New Economy, Markets for Know-How, and Intangible Assets" × California Management Review 40(3) (1998).

“Dynamic Capabilities and Strategic Management” with Gary Pisano and Amy Shuen × Strategic Management Journal, 18(7), 509-533 (1997). Winner of the 2003 Best Paper Award of the Strategic Management Journal.

"Managing Intellectual Capital: Licensing and Cross-Licensing in Electronics" with Peter Grindley × California Management Review 39(2) (1997).

"When is Virtual Virtuous? Organizing for Innovation" with Henry Chesbrough × Harvard Business Review Jan-Feb (1996).

"Firm Organization, Industrial Structure and Technological Innovation" × Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization 31 (1996).

"Systems Competition and Aftermarkets: An Economic Analysis of Kodak" with Carl Shapiro × Antitrust Bulletin Spring (1994).