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Co-Chairs: Ram C. Rao and Subrata Sen



(All presentations are in Room C135)



Monday, July 16, 2007


6:30-8:30pm      Reception, Faculty Club



Tuesday, July 17




“'The Best Price You'll Ever Get’: The 2005 Employee Discount Pricing Promotions in the U.S. Automobile Industry”

Meghan R. Busse (University of California, Berkeley), Duncan Simester (MIT), and Florian Zettelmeyer (University of California, Berkeley)


Discussant: Peter Rossi (University of Chicago)



“Understanding the Role of Trade-Ins in Durable Goods Markets: Theory and Evidence”

Raghunath Singh Rao (University of Texas at Austin), Om Narasimhan (University of Minnesota), and George John (University of Minnesota)


Discussant: John Zhang (University of Pennsylvania)

Discussion slides




“Beyond Plain Vanilla: Modeling Joint Pricing and Product Assortment Choices”

Michaela Draganska (Stanford University), Michael Mazzeo (Northwestern University), and Katja Seim (University of Pennsylvania)


Discussant: Brett Gordon (Columbia University)

Discussion slides




“Consumer Feelings and Equilibrium Product Quality”

Ganesh Iyer (University of California, Berkeley) and Dmitri Kuksov (Washington University, St. Louis)


Discussant: Sridhar Balasubramanian (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill)

Discussion slides


Wednesday, July 18


“Competition and Price Discrimination in the Market for Mailing Lists”

Ron Borzekowski (Federal Reserve Board), Raphael Thomadsen (UCLA), and Charles Taragin (University of Michigan)


Discussant: Avi Goldfarb (University of Toronto)

Discussion slides



“On the Grouping of Tasks into Firms: Make-or-Buy with Interdependent Parts”

Sharon Novak (UCLA) and Birger Wernerfelt (MIT)


Discussant: Elie Ofek (Harvard University)

Discussion slides  



“Managing Customer Relationships Under Competition: Punish Or Reward Current Customers?”

Jiwoong Shin (Yale University) and K. Sudhir (Yale University)


Discussant: Rajiv Lal (Harvard University)




“Impact of Treatment Effectiveness and Side-effects on Prescription Decisions: The Role of Patient Heterogeneity and Learning”

Tat Chan (Washington University, St. Louis), Chakravarthi Narasimhan (Washington University, St. Louis), and Ying Xie (Washington University, St. Louis)

Discussant: Sanjog Misra (University of Rochester)

Discussion slides



Thursday, July 19



“How Incumbent Firms Foster Consumer Expectations, Delay Launch But Still Win the Markets for Next Generation Products”

Sumitro Banerjee (Syracuse University) and Miklos Sarvary (INSEAD)


Discussant: J. Miguel Villas-Boas (University of California, Berkeley)

Discussion slides



“Retail Competition and the Dynamics of Consumer Demand for Tied Goods”

Wes Hartmann (Stanford University) and Harikesh Nair (Stanford University)


Discussant: Yesim Orhun (University of Chicago)

Discussion slides




“Using Extremeness Aversion to Fight Obesity: Policy Implications of Context Dependent Demand”

Kathryn Sharpe (Duke University), Richard Staelin (Duke University), and Joel Huber (Duke University)


Discussant: Steven Shugan (University of Florida)

Discussion slides




“Long Tail or Steep Tail? A Field Investigation into How Online Popularity Information Affects the Distribution of Customer Choices”

Catherine Tucker (MIT) and Juanjuan Zhang (MIT)


Discussant: Nanda Kumar (University of Texas, Dallas)

Discussion slides



Conference Dinner sponsored by Google



Friday, July 20



“Negative Advertising and Voter Choice”

Hai Che (University of California, Berkeley), Ganesh Iyer (University of California, Berkeley), and Ravi Shanmugam (University of California, Berkeley)


Discussant: Jagmohann Raju (University of Pennsylvania)




“Should Firms Share Information About Expensive Customers? An Equilibrium Analysis”

Sameer Mathur (Carnegie Mellon University), Kannan Srinivasan (Carnegie Mellon University), and Baohong Sun (Carnegie Mellon University)


Discussant: Rajeev Tyagi (University of California, Irvine)

Discussion slides




“Dynamic Standards Competition and Tipping: The Case of 32/64 Bit Video Game Consoles”

Jean-Pierre Dubé (University of Chicago), Günter J. Hitsch (University of Chicago), and Pradeep Chintagunta (University of Chicago)


Discussant: Ronald Goettler (Carnegie Mellon University)




Drinks at the Faculty Club