SICS - Summer Institute in Competitive Strategy

Haas School of Business, UC Berkeley

Sponsored by

Institute for Business Innovation (IBI)


Competition Policy Center

David Godes (University of Maryland)
Jiwoong Shin (Yale University)


Monday, June 12, 2017


Reception, Faculty Club

Tuesday, June 13


"Multidimensional Sales Incentive in CRM Settings: Customer Adverse Selection and Moral Hazard"

Minkyung Kim (Yale University), K. Sudhir (Yale University), Kosuke Uetake (Yale University) and Rodrigo Canales (Yale University)


Discussant: Yi Qian (University of British Columbia)


"The Impact of Curation Algorithms on Social Network Content Quality and Structure"

Ron Berman (University of Pennsylvania) and Zsolt Katona (University of California, Berkeley)


Discussant: Dina Mayzlin (University of Southern California)


"Hospital Advertising"

TI Kim (Emory University) and Diwas KC (Emory University)


Discussant: Jian Ni (Johns Hopkins University)


"Making Sense of Restrictions on Online Sales"

Jeanine Miklos-Thal (University of Rochester) and Greg Shaffer (University of Rochester)


Discussant: Amin Sayedi (University of Washington)

Wednesday, June 14


"The Value of Information in Mobile Ad Targeting"

Omid Rafieian (University of Washington) and Hema Yoganarasimhan (University of Washington)


Discussant: Clarence Lee (Cornell University)


"Sponsored Content Advertising in a Two-Sided Market"

Prabirenda Chatterjee (Sabanci University) and Bobby Zhou (University of Maryland)


Discussant: Woochoel Shin (University of Florida)


"Multi-Unit Uniform Price Open Auctions vs Posted Price: The Timing of Bids and Transaction Efficiency"

Guofang Huang (Carnegie Mellon University)


Discussant: Song Yao (Northwestern University)


"Multiproduct Intermediaries"

Andrew Rhodes (Toulouse School of Economics), Makoto Watanabe (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam) and Jidong Zhou (Yale University)


Discussant: Raphael Thomadsen (Washington University in St. Louis)

Thursday, June 15


"The Determinants of Products Lines"

Justin Johnson (Cornell University) and David Myatt (London Business School)


Discussant: Anthony Dukes (University of Southern California)


"Addiction and Second-Mover Advantages in the Video Game Industry"

Avery Haviv (University of Rochester), Yufeng Huang (University of Rochester) and Nan Li (University of Rochester)


Discussant: Harikesh Nair (Stanford University)


"Informational Complementarity"

Tony Ke (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) and Song Lin (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology)


Discussant: Michelle Lu (McGill University)


"Certification, Reputation and Entry: An Empirical Analysis"

Xiang Hui (MIT), Maryam Saeedi (Carnegie Mellon University), Giancarlo Spagnolo (Stockholm School of Economics) and Steve Tadelis (University of California, Berkeley)


Discussant: Tat Chan (Washington University in St. Louis)


Conference Dinner

Friday, June 16


"Online Marketplace Advertising"

Hana Choi (Duke University) and Carl Mela (Duke University)


Discussant: Sha Yang (University of Southern California)


"Strategic Surge Pricing and Forecast Communication on On-Demand Service Platform"

Harish Guda (University of Texas at Dallas) and Upender Subramanian (University of Texas at Dallas)


Discussant: Kinshuk Jerath (Columbia University)


"Private Labels and Retailer Profitability: Bilateral Bargaining in the Grocery Channel"

Paul Ellickson (University of Rochester), Pianpian Kong (University ofRochester) and Mitch Lovett (University of Rochester)


Discussant: Anita Rao (University of Chicago)


Drinks at the Faculty Club

Saturday, June 17

Special Session: Data Analytics & Marketing

Sponsored by

Fisher Center for Business Analytics, Haas School Of Business

Ronald Goettler (University of Rochester)
Przemyslaw Jeziorski (University of California, Berkeley)


"Advertising in Health Insurance Markets"

Bradley T. Shapiro (University of Chicago)


Discussant: Michael Sinkinson (University of Pennsylvania)


"Long-Run Effects of Competition on Solar PV Demand and Pricing"

Bryan Bollinger (Duke University), Kenneth Gillinghan (Yale University) and Stefan Lamp (Toulouse School of Economics)


Discussant: Yufeng Huang (Univeristy of Rochester)


"TV Ads and Search Spikes: Toward a Deeper Understanding"

Rex Y. Du (University of Houston), Linli Xu (University of Minnesota) and Kenneth C. Wilbur (UC San Diego)


Discussant: Anna Tuchman (Northwestern University)


"Large Scale Cross Category Analysis of Consumer Review Content on Sales Conversion Leveraging Deep Learning"

Xiao Liu (New York University), Dokyun Lee (Carnegie Mellon University) and Kannan Srinivasan (Carnegie Mellon University)


Discussant: TBD


"An Experimental Investigation of the Effects of 'Retargeted' Advertising – the Role of Frequency and Timing"

Navdeep S. Sahni (Stanford University), Sridhar Narayanan (Stanford University) and Kirthi Kalyanam (Santa Clara University)


Discussant: Garrett Johnson (Northwestern University)