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ORDER CDS from the 21st Annual Fisher Center Real Estate Conference held on May 2nd.

What would a Republican president mean for US housing markets? Profs Edelstein and Palmer in

Chistopher Palmer in Elle Decor on how Brexit will impact real estate in the US.

"It's an overreaction." Ken Rosen on Brexit in The Registry SF.

Ken Rosen on office leasing in SF Business Times. The current tech pullback “is just the beginning.”

Ken Rosen in Bloomberg: Tech consolidation could lead to job cuts that will hurt home prices and rents in SF.

Christopher Palmer featured on NPR's Marketplace on rising rents. "It just doesn’t pay right now to build workforce housing."

The Terner Center has launched a new tool for assessing the impact of local housing regulations, the Housing Development Dashboard.

Congratulations to the UC Berkeley team that won the Bank of America Low-Income Housing Challenge with their Heartwood Commons design for West Oakland.

Suburbs try to act like cities to attract young workers: Victor Couture's research on the new urban revival in the Wall Street Journal.

Christopher Palmer on Oakland's moratorium on rent increases, in SFGate. "We can’t continue to build luxury apartments and expect that is going to lower rents."

Ken Rosen talks about housing affordability on the Bloomberg Terminal podcast.

NPR interviews Ken Rosen on startups, after Zynga sells its HQ: "They should not be in the real estate space."

"It's the beginning of the change." Ken Rosen in Bloomberg Businessweek on the tech slowdown in SF.

Professor Palmer interviewed at about property taxes.

Chair Ken Rosen and former Regional Economist Cynthia Kroll on the deflation of the Bay Area tech bubble, and the effect on housing.

Professor Couture in the Atlantic's CityLab on the causes of the urban revival in Americ