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The mission of the Fisher Center for Real Estate & Urban Economics is to educate students and real estate professionals and to support and conduct research on real estate, urban economics, the California economy, land use, and public policy.


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Professor Palmer was on Fox News 2 discussing the potential impact of the stock market turmoil on Bay Area real estate.

The three things that are causing the Bay Area housing boom—the huge increase in jobs, the supply shortage and very low interest rates—will all begin to change in 2016, says Ken Rosen in the San Francisco Chronicle.

Rising rents outpace wages in wide swaths of the U.S., says Ken Rosen in the Wall Street Journal.

Professor Christopher Palmer was a guest on KQED's Forum, commenting on Richmond's new rent control ordinance.

Professor Robert Edelstein was on KALW's Your Call radio show, discussing the impact of global investment on the Bay Area real estate market.

Professor Christopher Palmer interviewed by Fox News 2 on the 15 percent increase in Bay Area rent prices.

Congratulations to the Cal team for winning the 26th Annual NAIOP Golden Shovel Real Estate Challenge!

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